Coaching Programs

Why Coaching?  You might ask yourself “why would I want to work with a coach? Can’t I just make changes on my own?”.  And the answer to that is that yes, it is possible to make changes on your own, however, working with a coach will give you more than a boost.

The simple truth is that no matter how much work we do on our own, there are always blind spots – areas that we don’t see or don’t want to look at.  And often these are the very areas that are keeping us from making progress toward the results we want.  By working with a coach you have a number of advantages – you have someone to help you gain a clearer, broader perspective, to ask you questions that can help you dig a little deeper, and to hold you accountable so that you stay on course.

A coach can’t make your changes for you, but they can hold the space for you and help keep you going when it might be easier to quit.  Most of all, a coach is someone who will support you in your dreams and desires.

I am currently offering coaching in two formats:

One-on-one individual coaching: This is for those who want personal attention, support and accountability.  We will talk on the phone or Skype weekly for approximately 45 minutes to an hour, working with your specific needs and situations.  This one-on-one focus can accelerate your progress because of its personalized nature.  Included will be meridian tapping (EFT) for releasing any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, as well as a personalized meditation audio.  Initial consultation is free (this is not specifically a coaching session, but a time for us to talk and determine what your needs are and how I can best be of service).   I have a few different packages available that we can discuss during our initial consultation.

Group coaching classes: This for those who are new to coaching or who want to make shifts and changes in their lives without the focus that individualized coaching provides.  An affordable way to begin creating positive change, these tele-classes will happen once a week for 6 weeks.  A recording of all calls will be provided for those who cannot attend in person.    Each week we will explore ideas,  strategies and tools for shifting out of overwhelm into greater clarity and using that clarity to create a more harmonious, authentic life.  Some of the focus areas in the class will be: identifying what is overwhelm and how it feels, the process of identifying what our true values are, discovering what to eliminate and what to keep.  These classes are designed to help you make changes in your life that will enable you to have more clarity and feel more empowered.  Part of the class will include clearing limiting beliefs and blockages using meridian tapping (EFT).  All classes will have time for one-on-one laser coaching.   Fee: $145 for 6 weeks.   Next class series begins April 25!  For more information, click here.